Timely advice! I’ve been trying new things and learning what doesn’t work and what I’m not passionate about. I don’t regret having tried them (and the stress that ensued!)--they helped me fine tune my mission.

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It is indeed visible that you have subtracted words from this article.

It is lean. Easy to read. And direct to the point.

I can really relate with this: "I’ve spent the last several months working on ideas and projects that I know now are not the things I want to do. But I only know because I put in a meaningful amount of time towards pursuing these ideas or projects.".

Like you, in the past months, I have experimented with many things, including coaching, business mentoring, sketching and writing. And figured out that the latter is the activity I enjoy the most. While I am still looking for the right combination between coaching and mentoring, as I use Claire Pedrick's book "Simplifying coaching" to support me in the process.

As she puts it, "[Coaching] mastery is about doing less".

Hence, it is about simplicity!

I have written about the 6 principles that are helping me to keep things simple.

Hopefully will be of service to you and your readers, as they look for simplicity.


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Really good advice, thank you! I find myself in need of "decluttering" every few months or so. The best decision I made for my mental health is simplifying my social life and stripping it down to a few people I find genuinely joyful to be around.

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