Hello, thank you for seeking me out here. My name is Tobias. I am an aspiring entrepreneur, writer and cigar aficionado. Join me on the Path!

Self-Mastery Sunday has its intellectual roots in the universal philosophy of the Golden Mean - regarded as one of the most important principles across Buddhism, Confucianism and Stoicism:

Life is best lived in the middle.

Self-Mastery is the consistent and balanced application of energy towards improving one’s own self: intellectually, spiritually and physically - always striving towards an introspective, ethical and non-malicious outcome, and not producing any negative consequences for others. I write about it here.

What is it?

Self-Mastery Sunday is my attempt to write about subjects that align to the principle defined above, providing you weekly articles about the pursuit of optimal health in mind, body and spirit.

What to expect:

I write about topics that help me move towards mastery. Whether that be a discussion on an ancient text, a case study on a particularly remarkable individual or just some information I found interesting that could be beneficial on our path together.

Each article is intended to provide you valuable information that might help impact your everyday life.

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